How do we create an impact in this world for the people in Africa, Azia  South America and for people from all over the world by using data and technology for the better?

How we create impact for them?
How we help them?

We use technology, data and worldwide partnerships with organizations who helped people in country’s who need us the most.

Let me tell you how it all begins.
Danique Motzheim, she was in Ghana 6 years ago.
I worked as a voluntair for an organization who helped streetgirls who lived on m the dangerous streets of Accra.
Without an home or money with their kid.

As a voluntair we tried to bring the street girls to the organization where they get education.
After a year they received a cerification so they can work as a hairstylist, clothing maker or beauty expert.
But after they received their certification they got lost in society and no one knows if they still save.

I want to change this for the future of Africa!
For the long term of the country!
I know The problem in Africa. They live day by day and don’t have any sustainable way to keep the country healthy for the future.

With data and technology we can change that!
We can help people their entire life with education, jobs they love to do so that can buy a safe home for their self and their family.

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